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Your Private Cloud Made Simple


KEEP is a small box designed to keep your private information private. Contacts, calendars, email and photos are information that is yours, and information that should be shared on your conditions.

Still, no matter where you are, you should be able to access your information, but you should still be in control of who has access to it and where it is stored.

KEEP gives you all this. And it is encrypted too. It is your digital Safe.

KEEP is your private cloud with no third party eyes on your information. Still KEEP will also allow you to share information with others, on your conditions.

More information on the main product page.

Software Key Features
Operating System Debian
Web server Nginx
Encryption LUKS + password store
Contacts, Calendar application Nextcloud
File sync webdav access Nextcloud
Web mail Client Roundcube
Mail server Postfix
IMAP server Dovecot
Backup system S3QL
Hardware specification
CPU Marvell ARMADA 388 (88F6828) Dual Core ARM Cortex A9
Onboard Flash 8GB eMMC
User data storage 1x 2.5" hard drive max 11mm 1x 2.5" hard drive max 7mm (NOTE: currently only supported from command line)
Power input 12V DC
Average power consumption <5W (with SSD disk)
Dimensions 135x130x30 mm

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